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Mirion AccuRad™ Personal Radiation Detector Reaches Milestone

Released in 2019, the AccuRad Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) was the first personal radiation detector developed in close collaboration with first responders and state and federal law enforcement, to address their most critical needs. Seeing accelerated growth in the civil defense and security space, Mirion now celebrates approaching a significant milestone – the sale of our 15,000th AccuRad device.

AccuRad PRD Successes

From large-scale event security to emergency response, the AccuRad PRD was designed to safeguard individuals working in high-risk environments while also delivering superior usability and durability essential to the user. Unique features such as exceptional measurement range, directional source pinpointing, and outstanding battery life help the AccuRad device stand apart from other PRDs on the market.

Early momentum for the AccuRad PRD was shown in 2021 when Mirion was awarded a contract with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Securing the Cities Initiative. Winner of the iF Design Award the same year, the AccuRad PRD is the result of deep research into the needs of our customers and the innovative spirit for which Mirion is known.

Mirion’s Commitment

The growing awareness of the advantages of the AccuRad PRD over legacy devices and the advancing number in use by emergency response teams are reflections of Mirion’s continued commitment to providing innovative, high-quality and collaborative technologies that benefit the end user.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to each member of our team for their unwavering commitment to excellence,” says Thomas Logan, Mirion Chief Executive Officer. “It is your passion, expertise, and tireless efforts that have made this milestone possible.”

Learn more about the AccuRad PRD here.


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