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Mirion Shows Support of NATO Nations at Denmark’s Action24 Exhibition

In April 2024, Mirion was proud to exhibit at NATO Action24 in Denmark. The 3-day event, held in Fredericia, Denmark, was the country’s largest total defense exhibition in 25 years and celebrated Denmark’s 75 years of NATO membership. Alongside Sweden-based distributor Gammadata, Mirion showcased its products and services that support armed forces, security, and civil defense teams in Denmark and around the world.

Action24 was a joint celebration of Denmark’s NATO membership, organized in close cooperation with the Armed Forces, the Home Guard, the Emergency Services, the Police, and the defense and space industries. The event aimed to create a dialogue about Denmark’s security and preparedness, inviting the Danish public to learn more about NATO’s 75th anniversary and the country's defense capabilities.

Mirion Support of NATO Armed Forces

As a supporter of 23 out of 31 NATO militaries, Mirion takes great pride in delivering high-quality products and services to meet the standards of defense and security customers. The company's solutions showcased at Action24 included real-time radiological emergency detection, surveying, and measurement.

Tommy Tallqvist, Mirion Area Sales Manager for East Europe and Scandinavia, commented: “Taking part in this celebration, it was rewarding to witness how our solutions play a role in supporting those who are safeguarding the Danish public.”

Mirion’s commitment to providing high-quality defense and security solutions has made it a trusted partner for NATO armed forces and other security organizations worldwide. The Mirion team’s presence at Action24 further solidified their dedication to supporting NATO nations and ensuring the safety and security of the Danish public.

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