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Mirion Medical Celebrates Grand Opening of New Munich Facility

On October 17, 2023, Mirion celebrated the grand opening of its new Mirion Medical site in Munich. The Munich facility relocation was a significant milestone that reflects the company’s commitment to solidify the Mirion Medical group presence in Europe.

The Munich Dosimetry Services team, led by General Manager Markus Figel, hosted over 90 people in celebration of this momentous occasion. Among the attendees were CEO Thomas Logan, CFO Brian Schopfer, Mirion Medical Vice President of Operations Ryan Pacer, Mirion Medical Chief of Staff Alex Polizzi, President of Nuclear Medicine Bertrand Duban, and leaders from the Mirion Technologies sites throughout Germany.

The grand opening event included a factory tour, allowing attendees to witness firsthand the advanced production processes of Mirion Dosimetry Services badges and systems, essential components of radiation safety in healthcare.


Facility tour led by General Manager Markus Figel.

Cutting blue ribbon

CEO Thomas Logan cuts the ribbon signifying the official opening.

Designed for Lean Production and Collaboration

The new site occupies two floors of a building conveniently located across from a Mirion Technologies facility. This proximity fosters opportunities for cross-team partnerships between the Medical and Technologies businesses, enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The facility has been meticulously designed and constructed with the principles of LEAN process and efficiency in mind. One floor of the facility is dedicated to offices, providing a conducive environment for employees to work together and exchange ideas. The other floor is dedicated to production, designed with an open floor plan to facilitate efficient process flow. From end to end, this production floor represents the leanest manufacturing flow across the entire Mirion organization, ensuring that customers receive the highest level of efficiency, service and quality.

“The new Mirion Medical facility in Munich is a shining example of our commitment to operational excellence and lean ideology. The Munich team has built a foundation for efficiency and innovation that will not only advance our healthcare solutions but also foster even stronger collaboration with our Technologies colleagues,” said Ryan Pacer, Vice President of Operations for Mirion Medical.

Better Serving Mirion Customers

The opening of the Mirion Medical facility in Munich signifies the company’s commitment to strengthening its presence in Europe and improving its manufacturing processes. By relocating to a more strategically located site across from a Mirion Technologies facility, Mirion is better positioned to serve its European dosimetry customers and meet their evolving needs.

The Munich facility’s grand opening is a testament to Mirion’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. With its advanced production capabilities and enhanced collaboration opportunities, Mirion Medical is poised to make significant contributions to the field of occupational dosimetry in Europe and beyond.

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