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Mirion Sites in Lamanon and Fussy Achieve ISO 19443:2018 Certification

Recently, Mirion Technologies obtained its ISO 19443:2018 certification in two France locations, MGPI Lamanon and IST Fussy, at the qualification body: Qualianor and Bureau Veritas.

The international standard ISO 19443 defines the fundamental requirements in terms of safety culture, supply chain control, and operational delivery for companies providing products and services important for nuclear safety. This includes defining processes, documenting procedures, and implementing controls to ensure consistent quality and safety throughout the organization.

This essential first step of quality management standards has been taken with the MGPI and IST certifications, and the second part continues with ISO 19443 certification of all French entities scheduled for early 2024. This ambitious deadline is directly in line with the industrial excellence of the French nuclear industry supported by the EDF Excell plan.

An ISO 19443:2018 certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality in the nuclear industry. It enhances the organization’s reputation, instills confidence in stakeholders, and opens up new opportunities for collaboration and business growth in the nuclear sector.

In an international context in which energy and industrial issues are increasingly critical, nuclear safety has become a mandatory prerequisite for ensuring the success of future projects. The achievement of this essential certification within all Mirion French entities supports Mirion’s commitment to providing high-quality, safe innovations that improve the human condition.

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