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Mirion Technologies Empowers Civil Protection in EU through rescEU Project

Mirion Technologies has been selected to play a significant role in the European Union’s rescEU project. This protection program aims to build up stocks of countermeasures against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) risks within the European Union. Last year following a call for competitive proposals, Mirion sites in France and Finland submitted contracts. Mirion was chosen as the main supplier of radiological detection equipment in France and Finland for product offerings manufactured primarily in Lamanon, France for more than 50 years.

The rescEU project initiative is part of the European Union’s civil protection mechanism, overseen by the European Commission’s Directorate General ECHO in coordination with the authority responsible for preparing for and managing health crises (DG HERA). Its primary objective is to establish strategic stockpiles of countermeasures that can be rapidly deployed at very short notice at the request of the European Commission to support any member state in an emergency. The stocks built up under this project, entirely financed by Europe through the rescEU program, complement the national stocks each member state is required to build and maintain.

Being selected as the main supplier of radiological detection equipment presents a unique opportunity for the Mirion teams involved to live out the company’s mission to harness unrivaled expertise in ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity. The teams are fully committed to leveraging its manufacturing capabilities in service to the rescEU initiative, aiding the protection of individuals and communities from potential CBRN risk.

Contributing to the rescEU Project’s Mission

Mirion’s radiological detection equipment, will play an important role in the management of stockpiles in France and Finland, ensuring readiness and swift response during emergencies. These stocks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some are packaged in operational trunks containing various products, facilitating their use in the field by emergency services or hospitals.

Mini sentry 2 transportable gamma portal monitor

MiniSentry™ 2 Transportable Gamma Portal Monitor at Mirion Technologies' Lamanon production site

Since being selected as the main supplier of radiation detection equipment in France and Finland, Mirion teams have fully mobilized in dedication to the rescEU project, applying their sites’ unique capabilities to partner with member states on crisis management and support the project’s objectives. Through months of hard work, Mirion has supported and will continue to support GIE Defense NBC and the Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency in rigorously meeting their contractual commitments, further strengthening the impact on civil protection.

“We are extremely proud to represent the colors of France and Finland on behalf of Mirion by providing these contributions,” said Thibaut Floquet, EMEA/APAC President - Sales and Operations at Mirion Technologies.

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