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Radiation Resources for the Home Classroom

As many kids are home from school these recent weeks, homeschooling has become the side-gig for parents everywhere. Enhance your home classroom with these engaging activities for budding chemists and nuclear physicists of all ages!

Learn about all things energy with National Energy Education Development (NEED)

Head over to the NEED website to find videos, fact sheets and energy infobooks for the kid (or kids) in your classroom. If games, puzzles, and coloring pages fit your teaching style better, they have plenty of resources for you as well.

Take a virtual field trip to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

The INL invites you to step inside a nuclear reactor, explore unexpected careers in nuclear science, and see what the future may hold thanks to advances in nuclear capabilities in their new series that brings the INL to classrooms everywhere.

Imagine the Universe with NASA

When it comes to online space-related resources, NASA takes best-in-show. Their learning platform, Imagine the Universe, doesn’t disappoint!

Chem4Kids teaches about atoms

This may be better suited for older kids, being dense with quality information. Take a look at their Atom Basics section and help your kids get curious about chemistry.

Get BITE SCIze science with the Museum of Nuclear History

Head over to the Museum of Nuclear History’s YouTube channel to watch hands-on experiments in their BITE SCIze series, and learn in depth with their new All Atomic series.

An illustrated, interactive periodic table of the elements

There have been many renditions of the classic periodic table, but this one from Keith Enevoldsen goes above and beyond – each element features an illustration of where one can find the element in the world. It’s fun for kids to look at, and parents will get a kick out of this one too.

Our very own Learning Center

The Learning Center on mirion.com will be more appealing for kids in high school and is loaded with information!

While recent events have presented new daily challenges, we hope you find these resources to be a fun addition to your day.

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