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Falcon 5000 Operations


16.00 CEC

Mirion's SU-520-2 training course provides comprehensive instruction for proper operation of the Falcon 5000® portable, electrically-cooled, HPGe gamma spectroscopy system. This course begins with an overview the Falcon 5000 hardware and a brief review of applicable radiation detection and health physics principles. This course emphasizes the simplified user interface provided for basic operations, before progressing to more advanced setup requirements and Genie™ software options including certificate files, nuclide library files, analysis sequence files, and calibration procedures. Typical Falcon 5000 measurement applications will be discussed, including in situ measurements and optional use of ISOCS™ efficiency calibration files. Approximately 60% of this 2-day course will be presented in lecture format, with the remaining 40% allocated for group discussion and practical exercises.

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This 2-day course includes lectures and hands-on exercises to familiarize the attendee with the operating principles, setup, and calibration of the Mirion ARGOS™-5AB with ZEUS™ option. These calibration principles can be applied and extended to the GEM™-5 gamma exit monitor, the CRONOS® tool/object monitor, and the SIRIUS™-5 Hand/Cuff and Foot monitor. The steps required to properly setup, calibrate, alarm test, troubleshoot, and perform required maintenance on these monitors will also be covered. Click link below for full course description

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