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HIS-20/WACS Database Administration


The course features a review of HIS-20 special management functions, and relational database system and operating system concepts which pertain to successful HIS-20 operation. The student will learn how to customize and maintain the HIS-20 environment, how HIS-20 uses operating system functionality to implement several important functions, and how to maintain the database system underlying HIS-20. It also teaches the student how to set up WACS through the configuration editor to optimize for your site's needs.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to customize HIS-20 via lookup tables and site parameters; control the HIS-20 event scheduler and electronic dosimeter reader functions; control user security in the HIS-20 environment; configure HIS-20 printer definitions; understand the directory structure and command files which allow HIS-20 to operate; customize Uniface settings to manage multiple HIS-20 installations on a system; understand the basic architecture of the relational database system underlying HIS-20; query the database using SQL (Structured Query Language); maintain the database structure to optimize HIS-20 performance; and backup and restore the HIS-20 database. They will also be able to customize WACS via the WACS configuration editor.

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