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Training Courses in France

We provide two types of training courses:

  1. Basic Training: Basic training courses cover the fundamental understanding of different physical phenomena, measurement techniques, and basic usage concepts of software and equipment.
  2. Advanced Training: Advanced training courses offer comprehensive mastery of software and equipment.

Both types of training can be conducted at your location, and the duration will be tailored to the content.

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Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies in Benelux offers training when and where you need it! The “Service” staff at Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV believes that quality training is an essential element of a complete, successful nuclear measurements program. To that end, we have developed a broad array of standard training courses on topics ranging from radiation detection fundamentals to the expert use of our most sophisticated products. We also offer custom courses at our training facility in Zellik, Belgium or at your site. Custom courses include development of learning objectives, presentation materials, and course examinations designed to meet your specific needs. More detailed description of each training offer will be provided shortly.

Mirion Technologies

This 2-hour session discusses cascade (true coincidence) summing effects that can be significant for many gamma spectroscopy measurement applications, and how to properly correct for those effects within the Mirion Genie™ and Apex-Gamma™ analysis software. This webinar will be presented as a PowerPoint slideshow covering the following topics: Description of cascade (true coincidence) summing effects Introduction to Geometry Composer Use of LabSOCS™ geometry templates for sample modeling How to apply cascade corrections within standard Genie software How to apply cascade corrections within Apex-Gamma software

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