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iCAM Operations and Maintenance


16.00 CEC

This 2-day course is designed as an introduction to common air monitoring concepts, featuring detailed instructions on iCAM calibration and maintenance functions. The course begins with an introduction of the Mirion iCAM instrument, including a description of all components and theory of operation. Potential fault and alarm indicators will be discussed, as well as how to address problems that could arise during operation. After reviewing the hardware components, the iConfig software will be demonstrated to show the functionality of this power configuration tool. Once the iCAM setup is complete, the course will cover options and methods for calibrating the instrument, including alpha and beta calibrations along with airflow calibrations. Each step will be explained and students will be able to calibrate the instrument during a “hands-on” lab portion of the course. Other topics for discussion will include evaluation of calibration results and routine iCAM maintenance procedures. Approximately 40% of this course will be presented in lecture format, with the remaining time allocated for “hands-on” exercises and discussion.

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| 2 days, 8 hours

Globe Concord, ON Canada

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