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Getting Grant Assistance: Police & Fire Department Radiation Detection Tools

| 1 hour

Join us for a webinar covering a Grant Assistance Program, in partnership with Lexipol, to provide assistance at no cost to help you secure grant funds. Learn how experienced grant experts can help your agency with grant research, alerts, review of applications and more. Plus, our experts will provide insights on the products available through the grant program, including:

  • AccuRad™ PRD Personal Radiation Detector
  • AccuRad™ PRD-SIM Kit
  • SPIR-Ace™ Radio Isotope Identification Device (RIID)
  • SPIR-Pack™ Human Portable Radiation Detection and Identification System
  • DMC-3000 Electronic Personal Dosimeter
  • RDS-32™ Radiation Survey Meter
  • UltraRadiac™-Plus Personal Radiation Monitor

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