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Traditional Dosimetry Services

Radiation monitoring services are the foundation of any radiation safety program. In facilities where individuals are exposed to radiation as part of their job they are required to wear a radiation dosimeter.

Radiation Badge Services and Specialty Dosimeters for a Variety of Applications

These dosimeters ensure that radiation dose is kept below legal limits and allows the radiation safety officer on site to manage each person's dose to keep it as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Mirion's comprehensive dosimetry service program includes:

  • Consulting and integration services by an experienced team of experts in the field of radiation dosimetry. Mirion's team will help you design a radiation monitoring program based around your business.
  • TLD Dosimeters, Ring Dosimeters, APex Dosimeters, or other specialty dosimeters for your personnel
  • Instant online access to reports and historical records
  • Customized radiation exposure reports
  • 24/7 access to dosimetry experts and customer service representatives

Every radiation safety program has its own unique needs. Here are some additional resources to help you choose the best options for your program.

  • Learn more about what to expect from a Mirion Dosimetry Services program.
  • Visit our Radiation Monitoring Services Learning Center to view program recommendations by industry.
  • Explore Instadose dosimeters for the latest in dosimetry technology that can be read from any iPhone, iPad or PC.

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