Our Benelux Course Catalogs

Mirion in Benelux offers training when and where you need it!


The “Service” staff at Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV believes that quality training is an essential element of a complete, successful nuclear measurements program.  To that end, we have developed a broad array of standard training courses on topics ranging from radiation detection fundamentals to the expert use of our most sophisticated products.  We also offer custom courses at one of our two training facilities (Zellik – Belgium /  Uspasla – Sweden) or at your site.  Custom courses include development of learning objectives, presentation materials, and course examinations designed to meet your specific needs.

More detailed description of each training offer will be provded shortly.

Pathways to Expertise Training Process

Mirion has an approach to training that offers users a specific series of courses to reach their chosen level of expertise in a certain subject. Each series begins with relevant fundamentals and progresses through essential training requirements that, once completed, result in the "Technician", "Specialist", or "Subject Matter Expert" level.

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