Alpha Sentry™ Detection Head

CAM System
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Alpha Sentry™ Detection Head

CAM System
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Detection head for the Alpha Sentry Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) System.

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  • Patented radon reduction screen
  • Patented mass flow meter for accurate air flow measurement
  • High sensitivity lowers false alarm rate
  • Cleanable, rugged high resolution detector
  • Patented disposable filter cartridge assembly saves time and labor


Based on research conducted by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Texas A&M University’s Aerosol Laboratory, Mirion’s sampling head represents the most advanced technology available in Alpha CAMs today.
The sampling head contains a patented diffusion screen that removes up to 95% of the newly formed radon daughters particles from the air. This is ideal for laboratory environments with
HEPA filtered air which have a low concentration of condensation nuclei and hence a low attachment rate. Such facilities typically have high air exchange rates as well, further increasing the fraction of unattached radon decay products.


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