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Real-Time Location System

From critical path time reduction, to personnel protection, to tracking crucial equipment and warehouse assets, Orion Real-Time Location System benefits several aspects of nuclear power plant operations.

Tag Features

  • Asset Tracking: Track the location of essential tools and equipment. An asset tag is attached to critical items such as replacement components, tools, and filtration units.
  • Personnel Monitoring and Tracking: Workers will wear the newly designed LTx module with a DMC 3000™ dosimeter, providing real-time location, dose, and dose rate information.
  • Geofencing: Virtually fence off areas of high radiation concern and restrict zone access for certain personnel only. Set warning and alarm zones to alert central monitoring and notify workers via their dosimeter (optional).
  • Dose Rate Mapping: Orion RTLS uses location and radiological data to create composite heatmaps of dose rates across an area. Parameters for dose rate gradients, refresh rates and peak and average data are customizable in Orion Studio software.


Orion Real-Time Location System, or RTLS, benefits nuclear operators:

  • Support critical path time reduction
  • Reduce radiation exposure and support ALARA planning
  • Simplify enhanced dose rate management
  • Reduce man hours needed to complete jobs
  • Critical equipment and warehouse asset tracking

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