Desktop Dose-Rate and Survey Meter
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Desktop Dose-Rate and Survey Meter
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The AVIOR®-2 unit is a versatile alarm desktop, portable or wall mounted dose-rate and survey meter for the contamination control and dose-rate assessment.

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  • Measurement of contamination and dose-rate
  • Two simultaneous probe channels
  • Dual alpha/beta display for each probe
  • Customized alarm set-point for each connected probe
  • Multiple measurement modes: Frisking,
  • Scaler-Timer and Go-NoGo
  • Specific OneHand/OneFoot mode with body detection and automatic background management
  • Manual background deduction for net measurement of contamination
  • Backlit graphical digital display
  • Analog-like bargraph with digital display
  • Back-up built-in rechargeable battery with no memory effect
  • Rugged, light weight and easy to use
  • Upgradable product through firmware upgrade


The AVIOR-2 unit is a versatile alarm desktop, portable or wall mounted dose-rate and survey meter for the contamination control and dose-rate assessment. The extensive experience of Mirion (Canberra™) in nuclear measurement combined with the exhaustive users’ feedback drove us to create a new product for better supporting most situations encountered in the field such as laboratories, industrial sites, nuclear power plants, open air yards and emergency situations.

AVIOR-2 is equipped with two CSP™ inputs and features a simultaneous display of both probes. When an Alpha/Beta CSP probe is connected, the display automatically toggles to dual screen and provides user with discriminated alpha from beta measurement results, thus allowing to check and measure contamination twice as fast as most instruments available on the market.

A specific Hand/Foot measurement mode offers the ability to control the alpha and beta contamination on one hand and one foot at the same time. It is an ergonomic and affordable solution when available footprint does not provide sufficient space for traditional Hand/Foot bigger monitors.


Software Downloads

Revision: E1.11 - 01/31/2015

New Features

  • New probe management:
    • SABG-30B
    • SN-D


New version for SABG-30B and SN-D

Revision Date: September 3, 2020

Use instrument upgrade procedure from user manual and USB memory stick directly on instrument
  • Add time zones

  • Fix bug with update file CRC calculation in case the selected file is smaller than 512 bytes.

  • AVIOR-2 can turn on when rapidly unplugging then plugging in the power supply
  • In screening mode, plugging a high power consumption probe can sometimes restart and change the channel of the other one.
  • In USB, going in PC connection after leaving USB stick menu doesn’t work the first time.
  • In Hand/Foot mode, enabling and disabling the presence sensor very quickly can result in unwanted behavior.
  • Using US units, Hand/Foot background noise measurement logs are in c/s.
  • Device is taking a few seconds to launch when unplugged.
  • Battery gauge errors aren’t managed, potentially bricking the device if the gauge itself is faulty.
  • If profiles are disabled and the device is locked, unlocking with technician/administrator password silently applies the technician/administrator restrictions even if the device still displays profiles as disabled (log files included).
  • With profiles disabled, the string “password” can appear in the profiles section of the log files under very rare circumstances.

  • This version is compatible with bootloader 1.2.3 and 1.2.4.

  • mip_avior_fw_1_3_1.bin
  • release note AVIOR-2 Mip-2.pdf


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