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Alpha/Beta Probe

The SAB-250 probe is for measurement of surface contamination and designed to be used with any CSP™ survey meter. Its phoswich detector with 250 cm² detection area makes it an ideal tool for direct measurement of Alpha and Beta emitters covering applications like hand monitoring fixed station, workers body/clothes frisking, or large area check for dismantling operations.

Tag Features

  • Alpha/Beta surface contamination measurement
  • 250 cm2 Phoswich scintillation detector
  • Belongs to CSP™ family
  • Calibration via PC
  • Easy removable grid for decontamination
  • Ergonomic counting mode selector on probe body

SAB-250 probe is part of Canberra™ Smart Probe (CSP) family, that drives numerous benefits, such as plug and play capabilities and exceptional readiness for field operations. Please refer to the “hand-held probes” brochure for further details.


The SAB-250 probe includes a sensor for automatic background subtraction when docked on the wall mount, either in the fixed position for hand counting or in frisking mode.

The small body diameter is similar to other CSP probes and supports easy handling of the probe with less risk of dropping.

The SAB-250 probe can use two different entrance windows:

  • SAB-250: Mylar 6 μm
  • SAB-250/R: Mylar 6 μm with additional very thin grid to add more protection for harsh environments.

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