Electronic Dosimetry Accessories

Computerized irradiator for dosimeter source checking and simulation devices to allow direct control of radiation levels reported by the simulated instruments as well as a remote view of the measurements.

DMC 3000TD™
Simulator Training Device

Mirion Technologies is the industry leader in radiation safety products and solutions. Explore our state of the art detection, monitoring, and safety technology.

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IRD 2000/3000
Irradiator for Dosimeter Source Checking

Calibrates up to three DMC series dosimeters simultaneously.

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Intelligent Dosimeter Calibrator

Quickly measure, verify and adjust personal electronic dosimeters with Mirion dosimeter calibrators. Learn how they can improve your monitoring process here.

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Simulation Control Center

The Simulation Control Center (SCC) is a Windows 8.1 application that uses a USB Dongle to wirelessly control all models supported in the Sim-Teq™ product line.

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TWR Source
Two Way Ranging Live Source of Radiation

A simulated point source of gamma radiation that is omni-directional.

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