In-Situ Measurements

In Situ tools for imaging and measurement of contaminated materials and areas, both in place as well as after removal from facilities undergoing decontamination and decommissioning operations.

InSpector™ 2000
DSP Portable Spectroscopy Workstation

The InSpector 2000 instrument is a high performance, portable spectroscopy workstation based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Applications for the InSpector 2000 unit include all HPGe, NaI and Cd(Zn)Te detector applications common in environmental characterization; nuclear safeguards; decommissioning and decontamination; and in-facility monitoring. 

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ISOCS™ Shield Systems

This ISOCS (In Situ Object Counting System) Shield has been designed as the optimum in convenience and functionality for in situ gamma spectroscopy with a germanium detector.

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In Situ Accessories

Accessories for In Situ using ISOCS software

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ISOCS™ Calibration Software

The ISOCS (In Situ Object Counting System) Calibration Software brings a new level of capabilities to gamma sample assay by eliminating the need for traditional calibration sources during the efficiency calibration process.

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Falcon 5000
Portable HPGe-Based Radionuclide Identifier

The Falcon 5000® is a highly powerful and customizable field spectroscopy system. The system comes complete with a full version of our industry leading gamma analysis, Genie™ 2000 software.

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Continuous Spectroscopic Monitor

The CSM-GR1 Continuous Spectroscopic Monitor is a very small, yet powerful, in situ measurement system based on standard and well-established Canberra™ gamma spectroscopy components.

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Transportable Radiation Analysis Counting System

TRACS is an ultra-portable and complete analysis counting system for the detection and assessment of samples for gamma radiation contamination.

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Gamma Spectroscopy Sample Counting Software

Genie-FieldPro software provides a powerful user interface for streamlined and simplified gamma spectroscopy sample counting.

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Radiological Food Screening System

The FoodScreen Radiological Food Screening System is a complete, transportable food analyzer for quickly determining whether raw or processed food has become contaminated from a radiological event.

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