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Mobile ISOCS™ Large Container Counter

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A transportable system for the characterization of large waste containers.

Tag Features

  • Electronic cooling
  • Custom cart for multiple applications
  • Integrated ISOCS efficiencies for custom assays
  • Wireless communication between MCA and PC
  • Hardware including turntables, co


This simple, yet powerful, system can be transported in the back of a pickup truck or deployed in a trailer, simplifying field measurement scenarios where fixed systems are not easily implemented.

Suitability for higher count rates - the MILCC system can count drums that have been rejected by other systems that have been designed to assay lower count rate wastes. Shorter count times – with two large-volume BEGe™ detectors, the MILCC system offers shorter count times. Full-featured software - NDA 2000™ software manages data acquisition, efficiency calibrations, QC’s, and analysis. Reliability – with industry-standard Canberra™ hardware and software, the MILCC system provides the flexibility you need along with the results you can rely on.

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