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RoboCount™ 2020

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Robotic Non-Destructive Waste Assay System

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The key idea in designing RoboCount 2020 was to use a proven industrial robotic platform, combine it with the best available high-resolution gamma spectrometry hardware and software, and provide seamless control by a dedicated multiplatform user application.

Tag Features

  • Compatibility with any waste package type and size limited only by robot working area
  • Ability to perform any assay type, following existing or novel measurement protocols
  • Ability to perform additional automated operations
  • Lower cost and shorter delivery time compared to single purpose units
  • Adaptability to changing operational requirements
  • High reliability and low maintenance


The core of RoboCount 2020 is a 6-axis industrial robot – COMAU Smart 5 NJ 220 2.7 Safe with a useful load of up to 220 kg. The robot is significantly over-dimensioned to virtually eliminate wear and to allow for future use of multiple detectors and/or more massive lead shielding.

A separate waste package rotator (7th robot axis) increases the flexibility of the system by allowing traditional segmented scanning (SGS) as well as measurements of homogeneous waste packages by integral gamma scanning (IGS).

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