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Pain Management C-Arm Table - 870

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Professional class equipment for pain care applications

Tag Features

  • Carbon-Fiber Tabletop – 0.7 mm attenuation (1.2 mm with pad)
  • Isocentric Lateral Roll Motion – Maintains image center during tabletop movement, minimizing image distortion (+/- 15°)
  • Radiolucent Area – Large, 70"
  • Trendelenberg Motion – 0° to 20°
  • High-Speed Actuators – Ensure quick tabletop positioning, height adjustability, isocentric lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort – Table padding is 2" thick; includes 3 adjustable straps
  • Precision Electric Motor Actuators – No oil or hydraulics
  • Table Base – Encased in stainless steel, easy to clean
  • Hand and Optional Foot-Operated Controllers – For convenient positioning
  • Patient Capacity – 500 lb
  • Low Profile Base – For unrestricted C-Arm movement
  • Accessory Rails
  • Choice of contoured or rectangular design. Contoured tabletop features a face cutout for comfortable prone positioning.


The Pain Management C-Arm Table 870 is designed for image-guided fluoroscopic procedures where stability, access, and precise, quiet, vibration-free positioning are essential. A cantilevered low attenuation carbon-fiber tabletop, with choice of contoured or rectangular design, accommodates portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms. The standard contoured top with face cutout provides ample workspace for anesthesiologists, yet the narrowness required for cervical procedures. The rectangular top offers additional space to promote superior image quality for long-leg runoff studies.

The 24"-wide tabletop easily accommodates bariatric patients while our 70"-long radiolucent area allows for full fluoroscopic visualization over its 97"-long top.

Automatic Positioning

A portable handheld or optional foot-operated controller can be positioned for convenient access from any point around the table. Both controllers offer the freedom to adjust height, isocentric lateral roll, return-to-level and Trendelenburg motions, allowing for unobstructed C-Arm positioning and reduced radiation exposure to clinicians. The foot-operated controller can be used when hands are busy with other functions.

Models & Ordering

058-870Table, Surgical C-Arm, Contour, 115 VAC
058-870-10Table, Surgical C-Arm, Rectangle, 115 VAC
058-875Table, Surgical C-Arm, Contour, 230 VAC
058-875-10Table, Surgical C-Arm, Rectangle, 230 VAC


058-851Catheter Tray Extension (removable)
058-877Controller, Foot
056-866Arm Board, Carbon Fiber, two arms
056-865Arm Board, Carbon Fiber, one arm
056-850IV Pole, Rail Mounted
058-849Clamp, Accessory, C-Arm Table
058-856Radiation Shield, Head/Cervical
Fits Surgical C-Arm Tables 840, 846 and 870
058-857Radiation Shield, Thoracic/AB
Fits Biodex™ Surgical C-Arm Tables
056-802Bellows Skirt, disposable plastic, 250/roll
046-275Dispenser, Disposable Protective Roll
For 056-802 Bellows Skirt. Wall mounted.
042-580Barrier, Clear-Lead, Standard Window
Window size 30" w x 22" h (76 x 56 cm)
042-582Barrier, Clear-Lead, Full Window
Window size 30" w x 46" h (76 x 116.8 cm)
042-583Barrier, Mobile, Clear-Lead, Hourglass Window
For ionizing radiation, 0.5 mm LE
Window size 24" w x 48" h (61 x 122 cm)

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