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Surgical C-Arm Table FAQs

What is the patient load rating and how is it calculated?

Biodex tables have a patient load capacity up to 500 lb and are tested to four times the patient load rating; up to 2000 lb!

Are all mechanisms enclosed to protect them from dirt and dust accumulation?

It is good manufacturing practice to enclose all electrical components. It facilitates good housekeeping practice, as required by The Joint Commission (TJC) and the National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) and many others. All Biodex C-Arm Tables feature a closed-system design.

Is the table ETL listed to the Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Standard?

Biodex motorized tables are ETL product listed to the UL-60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Standard.

Is the table CDRH registered and FDA listed?

As required by law, all Biodex C-Arm tables are CDRH registered and FDA Device Listed.

What about cleaning and maintenance?

The Biodex Surgical C-Arm Table is virtually maintenance free. By following the instructions below at suggested time intervals, or as often as necessary, the table will remain in “like new” condition.

  1. As required, cleanse all exterior surfaces and tabletop pads with a mild detergent solution, such as Parker Laboratories Protex Disinfectant or any one-step disinfectant that does not contain bleach.
  2. Keep wheel assemblies free of foreign materials and dirt accumulation.
  3. Periodically inspect all welds.
  4. Periodically check bolts on table, tighten if necessary.
  5. Periodically inspect all strap holders. Any holder that feels loose should be removed and reattached after adding a spot of Loctite® Threadlocker (Blue #242) to the bolt threads. This should ensure that the bolt will not loosen

NOTE: When cleaning the pads, do not pull them off the c-arm table forcefully. The industrial strength Velcro will hold the pads in place, causing them to rip. Instead, reach underneath the pads and gently pull the Velcro apart.

CAUTION: Disconnect power from source before removing panel or covers. Reliable grounding achieved only by connecting this unit to an equivalent marked hospital only or hospital grade receptacle.

Which positioning controllers are offered for the vascular table?

The Biodex Surgical C-Arm tables include three convenient positioning controllers: main panel control, hand-held controller, joystick control and foot controller. Ideal for cardiovascular procedures, the non-imaging Catheter Tray Extension is also included.

Which positioning controllers are offered for the urology table?

The Biodex Urology C-Arm Table includes four convenient positioning controllers: main panel control, joystick control with variable speed, hand-held controller and foot controller.

Does the urology table offer built-in versatility to perform additional procedures beyond cystoscopy?

Our mobile Urology C-Arm Table is ideal for performing urological procedures such as cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, prostatectomy and stent placement. The radiolucent extension is a standard feature, which converts the Urology Table into a general purpose C-Arm Table.

What is the Biodex warranty on tables?

The Biodex Surgical C-Arm Tables feature a two year parts and labor warranty. Additionally, we offer an affordable extended warranty plan which covers travel expenses.


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