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511 Dose-Drawing Syringe Shield

Protect the user’s hands during the dose drawing procedure.


The 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shields are constructed with the same featured shielding as the 511 C-Tec Syringe Shields. The needle end of the syringe shield has a tungsten disc that protects the user’s hands during the dose drawing procedure.

There are two pins in the end disc that secure the shield to the Drawing Station. This allows single handed dose removal from the drawing station.

Sizes Available: 5 cc, 10 cc and 20 cc Drawing Shield Diameter.

Syringe shields are not universal and may not fit all syringe manufacturers. Please check dimensions to assure proper fit.

Models & Ordering

0665-2017511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 5cc
0665-2011511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 10 cc
0665-2018511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 20 cc
5530-2007Syringe Security Holder

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