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Lead Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap

Designed for quick and easy access with minimal handling.

Tag Features

Easily avoid a mixup with color coding.

  • Magnetic cap designed to facilitate minimal handling
  • .31″ Lead shielding
  • Virtually unbreakable tungsten top
  • Available with or without glass window
  • Includes multi-colored labels for easy identification


Designed to facilitate quick and easy access, the Lead Vial Shield features a tungsten screw top with a magnetic cap. For easy identification, a recessed hole is located on the top of the cap to accommodate a colored label.

The body of the vial shield is machined with 0.31″ thick lead, accommodating most 10 ml vials. A 4.2 density lead glass window provides protection and visibility.

Models & Ordering

053-610Vial Shield, 0.31″ lead, Magnetic Cap
Includes a sheet of colored labels.
053-611Vial Shield, 0.31″ lead, Magnetic Cap, with glass
Includes a sheet of colored labels.

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