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Tungsten Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap

Magnetic cap designed to facilitate minimal handling.

Tag Features

  • Magnetic cap requires less handling, reduces hand exposure
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Includes multi-colored labels for easy identification


Designed for vials containing liquid radioisotopes, the Tungsten Vial Shield features a removable screw top with a magnetic cap. Speed of handling reduces exposure. Another design feature is the holding ring which fits comfortably in the hand or into a dispensing stand. The magnetic cap holds the lid in place even when inverted on the stand.

Machined with 0.2″ thick tungsten, the vial shield accommodates most 10 ml vials.

Models & Ordering

053-806Vial Shield, 0.2” Tungsten, Magnetic Cap
Includes a sheet of colored labels

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