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Extremity Dosimeter

Eye dosimeter 3
Eye dosimeter
Eye dosimeter 2

Eye dosimeters provide accurate readings for radiation received to the vicinity of the eye. Consisting of one natural lithium fluoride element sealed in a plastic holder that mimics the density of the eye.

Single Chip nLiF:Mg, Ti (TLD100 loose chip)

Tag Features

  • Cold sterilization capability
  • One natural lithium fluoride element sealed in plastic holder
  • Wear periods of one week to six months
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Bar-coded for user identification and tracking
  • When worn with the head strap near the eye, the dose received by the element can be easily correlated to the eye dose.




Single chip of nLiF:Mg, Ti (TLD100 loose chip)

Badge Type

27 = Eye*

Holder Type



Minimum Reportable Dose

20 mrem (0.20 mSv)

Useful Dose Range

20 mrem - 1000 rad

(0.20 mSv - 10Sv)

Energy Response

Photon 20 keV -
6 MeV
Beta 0.251 MeV -
5 MeV

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