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High Dose

Test Kit

Ideal for use where radiation dose levels exist between 2 and 500,000 rads.

Single Chip nLiF:Mg, Cu, P Powder Chipstrate (TLD100H) OR Single Chip nLiF:Mg, Ti (TLD100 loose chip)

Tag Features

  • Three unique configurations for customer convenience
  • Ideal for radiation dose levels between 2 and 500,000 rads
  • Suitable for environments like radiation therapy, research applications, or equipment or sterilization applications


A reliable LiF TLD chip offers excellent response and is energy and dose independent for most levels up to 1,000 rads. For higher levels, we employ optical density filters, which reduce the excessive amount of light TLDs emit so the PM tube does not become saturated and assessment accuracy is assured.

Technical Specifications

High Dose


Single chip nLiF:Mg, Cu, P powder chipstrate (TLD100H) or Single chip of nLiF:Mg, Ti (TLD100 loose chip)

Badge Type

11 = High Dose LiF Loose Chip*

12 = High Dose LiF Chipstrate*

Holder Type



Minimum Reportable Dose

20 mrem (0.20 mSv)

Useful Dose Range

500 krad (5 kGy)

Energy Response

Photon 20 keV - 6 MeV

Beta 0.251 MeV - 5 MeV

* Not accredited for personnel monitoring

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