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BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter

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Partial Body Dosimeter

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The BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter is the best solution for eye dose monitoring and can be smoothly integrated into both new and existing BeOSL Systems. Like other BeOSL Partial Body Dosimeters, the BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter functions with the BeOSL ezClip.

Tag Features

  • Worn with various adapters or radiation protection goggles
  • Small Size for easy handling
  • Compatible with BeOSL ezClip


Partial body dose measurements including the eyes are critical and important compliances to meet. When measuring goes beyond whole body doses, the pairing of the BeOSL ezClip and the BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter keeps the user secure while assuring standards. The dosimeter’s small size lends to its versatility and provide the user with comfort and ease when taking on routine tasks.

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