Neutron Telemetry Module

For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter
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Neutron Telemetry Module

For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter
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The purpose of the Neutron Telemetry Module is to provide an additional Neutron measurement and to transmit worker’s data (worker information, gamma and neutron radiological data and setpoints) to WRM3™ Telemetry System components. Neutron Telemetry Module is also backward compatible with WRM2™ Telemetry System.

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  • Dose and dose rate Neutron Hp(10) displayed
  • Totalized dose for Hp(10) Gamma + Neutron displayed
  • Superior gamma rejection in Neutron channel
  • Transmits radiological information, in pre-configured intervals to WRM3 or WRM2 Telemetry receivers
  • Low-power optimized for long battery life
    • >50 h* for 900 MHZ module and
    • >100 h* for 2,4 GHz module
  • 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Options
  • Module power supply: AAA battery or micro USB connector
  • Full Neutron energy range coverage
  • Meets or exceeds applicable IEC and ANSI standards
  • Designed for ruggedness and durability
  • Excellent EMC Immunity
  • Waterproof IP67 (1 m 1 hour)

*With Duracell industrial battery


The add-on Neutron Telemetry Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter is able to measure Hp(10) radiation at a wide range of energy levels. The Hp(10) measurements (gamma and neutron) are highly visible on the high contrast backlit LCD display of the DMC 3000. The module provides also a supplemental visual alarm indication (LED).


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