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Telemetry software for remotely monitoring DMC 3000™ dosimeters equipped with Telemetry Modules.

Tag Features

  • Loud alarm, 85 dB (A)
  • Browser based Remote Monitoring application Cross-browser-TCP/IP support for multiple sessions
  • Networked or stand-alone capability
  • Intranet with security level support
  • No requirement for workstation database
  • Supports multiple telemetry data protocols
  • Access Control connectivity for auto-logon features
  • GPS supported, with overlaid map view
  • Configurable data trending capability
  • User configurable for greater flexibility and convenience
  • Emergency Planning Perimeter Monitoring system (real-time boundary/offsite monitoring for RP teams)
  • Monitors over 1000 devices


TeleView 3000 software is Mirion’s flagship Remote Monitoring application. Completely redesigned for the next generation of Radiation Protection support, it builds upon the familiar features expected from Remote Monitoring software (e.g., worker grouping by RWP, automatic worker logon via Access Control link, area monitor grouping, etc.), and adds updated features such as multiple windows/tab viewing, as well as GPS overlay functionality.

The key element of the TeleView 3000 software redesign is its state-of-the-art, browser-based data representation (a significant improvement over outdated client/server architecture). This browser functionality allows users to access data in a user-friendly and familiar format from virtually any connected workstation on the network, be it either a PC, a tablet, or even a smart phone. Because each page of TeleView 3000 software data is a separate session, any job coverage resource is now able to simultaneously: monitor worker groups, track alarms, trend data, view live data on a Google map, and much more all without exhausting their computer’s processor or creating network traffic.

TeleView 3000 software also requires less support from site IT resources. Its revolutionary cross-browser-TCP/IP structure means that there is no client installation on Radiation Protection workstations - which in turn means there is no database on any workstations. Hence, once the heart of the system is installed, someone covering a job simply launches a browser session and begins monitoring in their own customized workspace.

Of course, TeleView 3000 software includes the ability to monitor over 1000 WRM2™ devices, supports multiple wireless protocols (e.g., WRM2 device, RAMSYS™ products, RadNet, etc.), seamlessly links to Access Control systems (e.g., HIS-20™, DosiServ™ software, etc.), and is endlessly customizable for individual familiarity. Simply put, TeleView 3000 software makes remote monitoring easier, more flexible, and more intuitive to use.

Welcome to the era of Remote Radiation Monitoring redefined and perfected!

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