Portable Radiation Measurement

Handheld radiation meters provide accurate radiation measurements across a wide variety of applications. From performing hand held gamma radiation surveys, to measuring alpha and beta, radiation detectors make it easy to perform the measurements critical to any radiation safety program. These radiation meters provide flexible options for most basic radiation detection scenarios.

Portable Survey Meters

Basic and multi-purpose radiation survey meters.

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Attachable probes to detect alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiations.

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Gamma Imaging Systems

Ultra portable gamma-ray imaging system.

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Other Instruments

Dose rate meter, beta dual detector probe and telescopic radiation survey meter.

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Portable Radiation Measurement Software

Software to monitor the portable survey meters.

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Portable Radiation Measurement Accessories

Accessories for the portable survey meters.

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Radiological Simulated Training
Simulation Technology for Radiation Safety Training. 
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Area Radiation Monitoring

Wide ranging detection.

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Geiger-Mueller Tubes

Replacement Geiger-Mueller tubes.

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