Portable Survey Meters

Basic and multi-purpose radiation survey meters for performing basic radiation measurements tasks, as well as more sophisticated measurements for a wide variety of applications.

Modular Radiation Survey Meter

The RDS-31 meter is a versatile radiation detector and survey meter with a range of external probes that provide extended functionality. Explore applications and features here.

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Radiagem™ 2000
Personal Portable Dose Rate and Survey Meter

The Radiagem 2000 meter features excellent ergonomics such as easy handling, large custom LCD display, semi-log bargraph, average digital reading, and visual and audible alarms.

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Radiation Survey Meter

The RDS-30 instrument is a general purpose digital handheld radiation survey meter commonly used in a range of industries. Find out more here!

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Colibri TTC & Colibri VLD
Hand-Held Health Physics Communication ALARA* Platform

The Colibri® probe is a comprehensive health physics instrument with unique characteristics that can lower the dose exposure of HP technicians and other workers in radiation areas.

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Contamination Survey Meter

The RDS-80 surface radiation contamination monitor allows for easy scanning of surfaces, objects and equipment. Learn more about this versatile detector here.

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Telemetry Survey Meters

RDS-31™ device with WRM2™ radio for wireless remote monitoring.

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Telemetry Survey Meters

Silicon detector version of the RDS-31™ device for high range detection.

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MIP 10 Digital™
Desktop Dose Rate and Survey Meter

The MIP 10 Digital unit is a standalone and resistant device adapted to various environments such as laboratories, industrial facilities, and open air yards. It is widely used for alpha and beta contamination (hands, clothes, worktops) and nearby nuclear facilities.

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Desktop Dose-Rate and Survey Meter

The AVIOR®-2 unit is a versatile alarm desktop, portable or wall mounted dose-rate and survey meter for the contamination control and dose-rate assessment.

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Multi Purpose Survey Meter Training Device

A fully functioning simulator of the RDS-31™ survey meter.

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RDS-31 Portable Set
Multipurpose Radiation Measurement

HPRC case provides total protection to the equipment inside it against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents.

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