Radiation Measurement & Health Physics Instrumentation

Hand held instrumentation, radiation tolerant cameras and contamination and clearance monitors for health physics applications and worker safety.

Contamination Monitoring & Clearance

Scan for the presence of radioactive contamination on people, objects or vehicles.

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Decontamination & Decommissioning

Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) is a major effort worldwide, covering everything from early R&D facilities to first generation nuclear power plants, weapons and fuel fabrication facilities and research reactors.

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Dosimetry & Telemetry Systems

Active and passive dosimeters which monitor radiation dose rate and cumulative dose, along with readers, calibrators, telemetry, software and other accessories.

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Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring solutions for the environment, as well as for remote measurement at the boundaries of facilities. 

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Portable Radiation Measurement

Radiation meters to search for, measure, and monitor radiation.

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Waste Management

Equipment, systems, tools and expertise to solve your most demanding nuclear measurement challenges.

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Area and Stack Monitoring for Medical/PET Facilities

To meet the needs of PET and other Isotope Production facilities, Mirion in partnership with Rotem Inductries, provides a new stack and area monitoring system and software.

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Measurement & Expertise

Partnering with you for more efficient and cost-effective nuclear measurements.

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Customer Training Programs

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Our Field Service Engineers ensure a qualified installation of your instrument and software.

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Technical support and repairs for your Mirion products.

Consulting Services

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