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Lynx® High Temperature Black and White IR Camera Series

Near infra-red Lynx camera with optional integrated spot pyrometer. Oblique angle lens option makes installation through walls much easier.

Tag Features

  • Coal Fired Utility Boilers
    Excellent image quality and depth of field of the superheater tubes in the upper boiler.
  • Ash Hopper
    Allows the ash system operator to effectively monitor the behavior and trends of the build-up and the flow within the ash hopper.
  • Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boilers
    Unique OAL lens gives plan view of bed with simple through-wall camera installation. Helps operator to recognize build-up of cake in the sand bed.


The IST-Quadtek® M540 Series of near IR Black and White High-Temperature Cameras is designed to give you the flexibility to customize electronics, lenses, filters and other options to provide continuous monitoring of your process. Able to penetrate gaseous and fine particulate interferences, these cameras give a considerably improved image of furnace, boiler, ash hoppers, or other processes. Straight, oblique, or right angle lens tube options are available to offer more flexibility in mounting the camera.

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