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SPIR-Ident™ Portals

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Spectroscopic Radiation Portal Monitors (SRPM)

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Radiation portal monitors with real-time radionuclide identification, providing alarms for sources of interest only.

Tag Features

  • Detection-by-Identification: dynamic radionuclide identification
  • Modular portals for pedestrians, luggage, mail, vehicles, trucks and trains
  • Protection of borders, airports, seaports and critical sites such as buildings, industrial sites, nuclear plants, warehouses
  • Usable for secondary inspection: less intrusive than with a handheld device
  • High dose rate detector for large sources, for personal protection and saturation management
  • Simple results: background, tolerated alarm, alarm, and danger
  • Central alarm stations for monitoring of large sites, such as airports
  • Alarms replay with video
  • Low maintenance
  • Low labor cost
  • Designed and tested for standards related to the detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials: ANSI N32.38, IEC 62484, IAEA NSS1
  • Suitable for Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) “dirty bomb” detection
  • Effective in permanent and temporary installations


The SPIR-Ident Portals detect radioactive sources with the highest efficiency in terms of lifecycle and manpower costs.

Using radionuclide identification systems, SPIR-Ident Portals provide alarms only for sources of interest, such as industrial sources of contamination, or special nuclear materials.

The system is highly modular and works effectively with standard interfaces and computers, and has minimal mechanical interfaces. As a result, not only is the system easily integrated into a new security system, but also into an existing radiation portal monitor frame, providing an ideal refurbishment solution.

The SPIR-Ident Portals is available in two models:

  • The Pedestrian version stands on the floor and is ideally sized for monitoring pedestrians and small vehicles.
  • The Module portal is a modular version to integrate on poles, walls or existing portal frames. It is suitable for all applications: discreetly monitoring pedestrians or inspecting luggage, mail, parcels, large vehicles, trucks, trains and cargo.

The SPIR-Ident Portals user interface is typically a panel PC, providing very simple green/red alert screen. The portals also communicate with the SpirVIEW central alarm station system.

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