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Gas Bottle Monitor™

Clearance Measurement of Pressurized Gas Bottles

The Gas Bottle Monitor™ is a clearance measurement monitor for contamination on the surface of pressurized gas bottles.

Tag Features

  • Measurement of beta and gamma contamination
  • Large detection area of 16 000 cm2, with 33 HybridFibre™ detectors
  • Platform and gas bottle racks
  • QNX operating system
  • CeMoSys™ software compatible
  • Improved calibration procedure/tool


The Gas Bottle Monitor is a final barrier against the transfer of unacceptable levels of radioactive contamination on the surface of pressurized gas bottles, from radiologically controlled areas to clean areas.

One single operator can manually load the gas bottles, that can differ in height, into the measurement chamber. The operator can easily monitor and control the process via the touchscreen, and the interface provides visual and acoustic guidance.

All relevant measurement results are printed or can be accessible from a remote computer on the network using the Central Monitoring System (CeMoSys) software.

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