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DMC 3000™ Telemetry Module

For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter

Connects the DMC 3000 device to allow transmission of a worker’s radiological data to the WRM2 base station and software for remote monitoring.

Tag Features

  • Transmits radiological information, in preconfigured intervals to WRM2™ Telemetry receivers
  • Low-power optimized for long life
  • Optional Bluetooth link for communication to supplemental alarm accessories
  • 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Options
  • Battery Type: AAA (LR03 1.5v)
  • External Power: 1.5V-3.6V through battery adapter
  • Battery Life: >40 hours (900 MHz)
  • >30 hours (2.4 GHz)


The Telemetry Module is an accessory device for the DMC3000™ dosimeter that physically integrates into the dosimeter’s case. The purpose of the Telemetry Module is to transmit a worker’s radiological data (accumulated dose, dose rate and alarm status) to other WRM2™ Telemetry System components (Base Station, Repeater, etc.). Although the Telemetry Module has been specifically designed as the most advanced addition to our dosimetry family (DMC3000™ dosimeter), it features seamless communication with all existing WRM2™ Telemetry receivers.

Additionally, the Telemetry Module provides access to a variety of accessory functions, including supplemental visual alarm indication in high-noise environments via supplied Bluetooth connectivity

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