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Horizon system is a real-time data acquisition and control system that provides supervisory oversight of your radiological instruments.

Tag Features

  • Comprehensive supervision for your radiological instrument network
  • Built-in support for the Mirion Environmental Monitoring Systems as well as Personnel/Object Contamination Monitors
  • Flexible client configuration allows creation of situational and navigation screens specific to your site
  • Robust, platform neutral SCADA tools provide advanced graphic controls for visualizing your data
  • Instrument screens are tailored for each device ensuring access to monitor set point and operation information
  • Audible and visual alarms with advanced event and alarm management screens make viewing and responding to important events quick and easy
  • Consolidation of data from instruments throughout the site and creation of a historical database
  • Rich interactive display of data through plots and trending including historical data from each device
  • Web-based technologies provide easy access to monitor data from anywhere on your network
  • Support for industry standard OPC-UA protocols opens the system to a wide range of instruments and connectivity
  • Fully integrated design tool and reporting function


The Horizon system is a real-time data acquisition and control system that provides supervisory oversight of your radiological instruments. It combines the Mirion radiological monitoring expertise with industry leading technology for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications. The result is software that delivers an easy to use, reliable, high-performance monitoring and control solution for nuclear facilities. It gives you a clear vision of the instruments throughout your site, work areas and environment.

A site can have a complex set of instrumentation to monitor personnel for contamination as well as to monitor areas for radiation. It is important that a supervisory solution provide real-time tracking of all the instrument data and help you interpret the information in an efficient manner. Being alerted to key events quickly means you can respond rapidly and with appropriate actions.

Horizon system puts the information you need at your fingertips making your workplace more efficient and safe. The interactive and user-friendly interface alerts users to key alarms and events while also providing advanced management of all your instruments and the data they produce.

Overview screens, site maps and situation screens are easy to customize and can be done right within the user interface by your administrative users. Having screens that depict the actual areas being monitored provides users with an intuitive way to see what’s happening and navigate to specific areas or instruments.

The scalable architecture makes the Horizon system suitable for everything from small radiological networks consisting of just a few instruments up to networks containing over 200 personnel contamination and environmental monitoring devices.

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Did you know Horizon software works with the new Data Analyst Platform, which automates the process of nuclide identification and quantification?

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