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AccuRad™ PRD-SIM Kit

Sourceless training kit for the AccuRad PRD

Train for realistic radiation or nuclear detection and response, without the burden and hazards of real radioactive sources.

Tag Features

Sourceless training utilizes all the AccuRad PRD features:

  • Search trend
  • Directional radar
  • Low-High-Danger dose rates
  • Audible, Visual, and Vibration alarming


From hidden source search to nuclear accident response: The radioactive-free source RadSIM (included) provides the full range of radiation levels covered by the AccuRad PRD, from background levels to nuclear event levels.

Supports all kinds of radiation spread patterns: when integrated with PlumeSIM (optional extension), the AccuRad-SIM also responds to different patterns: dynamic plume, deposition, and hotspots.

The AccuRad-SIM perfectly mimics the AccuRad ergonomics and behavior, with just a slightly increased thickness. As with the regular device, trainees can experience covert hands-free detection and monitoring (worn on the belt or on the vest with a top screen view). Trainees can also experience handheld localization of sources or hotspots using the distinct buttons and the very large front screen.

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