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TWR Source

Two Way Ranging Live Source of Radiation

A simulated point source of gamma radiation that is omnidirectional.

Tag Features

  • Simulated point source of radiation – omnidirectional
  • Automatic detection of source by instrument
  • Dynamic response of simulator instrument to source based on 1/R2
  • Quick deployment in indoor or outdoor setting
  • 100 ft range of detection
  • Configurable dose rate at 1 ft from source


The TWR (Two Way Ranging) Source provides a simulated point source of gamma radiation that is omnidirectional. The source is configured by setting the exposure rate at 1 ft (30 cm) up to 99,999 R/hr. The TWR Source is detectable by any SIM-Teq™ instrument (may require Rad Tag). The TWR Source has a small form factor and internal rechargeable battery that allows easy deployment.

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