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Factory & On-site Calibration

Complete calibration services using a variety of phantoms and sources (including fissile material) for Whole Body Counting, Gamma Spectroscopy, Waste Assay, Gross Alpha/Beta Counters, Contamination Monitors, etc.

Tag Features

  • B4NIST-traceable sources and models; industry-standard phantoms for in-vivo calibrations
  • Full calibration documentation package for future reference and compliance
  • Calibrations conducted according to relevant consensus standards (e.g., ANSI, ASTM)


Our specialists manage all aspects of the work, from preparation of risk assessments/method statements to preparation of the final report and assistance with documentation. Some Mirion facilities also provide dose calibration capabilities for additional testing and calibration of health physics and neutron instrumentation.

Our large professional staff includes over 300 scientists and engineers, most with advanced degrees. Many are recognized experts who are active participants in national and international standards committees and have numerous publications to their credit. A large percentage of personnel have come directly out of the types of facilities which we now support.

  • Commercial nuclear power plants
  • National laboratories
  • Department of Energy facilities
  • Nuclear fuels and enrichment facilities

Customer Support Agreement

At the heart of all Mirion support services is the Customer Support Agreement. We’ll work with you to design a tailor-made program based on your specific needs, including services such as installed equipment support, mission critical activities, Calibration and Consulting Services, and other elements.

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