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More Value. Same Great Support.

We are pleased to introduce our Customer Support Agreement (CSA), with a range of plans that include field support, parts and repair coverage, and much more. Whatever your support needs, we can help while saving you time and money in the process.

What is Mirion Technologies CSA?

One Model, Many Options

The CSA is built on a simple concept; a common foundation of support for a wide variety of services. The CSA is designed to provide a mutually beneficial partnership between the Mirion Services organization and the client. How do we do that? By tailoring the services to the needs of the customer and providing exceptional support where needed.

Reliable Uptime & Maximum Return on Investment

You have invested time, money, and expertise in hardware and software to accomplish your nuclear measurements mission. We have the expertise to help you get the most from that equipment and to keep it running at maximum performance. Our CSA program is designed to deliver expertise according to your specific needs.

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Designed to Meet Specific Customer Needs

Each CSA is designed around specific customer needs such as installed equipment support, mission-critical activities, additional professional services, and other elements as selected by the customer. Each CSA is tailored such that each support element provides clear value to the customer.

What's Included

Parts and repair coverage

The level of parts and repair coverage is decided by the customer, and includes return-to-factory and on-site options. The Extended Warranty CSA is our simplest form of this support, with return-to-factory repairs for our full line of products. The On-Site CSA provides the parts necessary for on-site repairs as well as personnel for on-site preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, supplemented by return-to-factory repairs if needed.

Technical Support – One Number To Call

All On-Site CSA customers are assigned priority access to our technical support team to address their needs in the shortest time possible. All service related issues and solutions received through our One Number system are tracked and visible to the entire support team, allowing us to quickly recognize recurring issues and manage solutions to completion.

Rollover Service

Plans are always subject to change and scheduling services can sometimes be challenging. We want to make sure that your service time is fully utilized. So rather than take a “use it or lose it” approach, unused service time is eligible for rollover into the next On-Site CSA period with timely contract renewal. This policy adds flexibility for your schedule when situations arise.

Software/Firmware Updates

Today’s counting systems rely heavily on software and firmware. On-Site CSA customers get assistance from our Field Support Engineer team to install these updates correctly and explain all changes. Software CSA customers get regular distributions of updates with complete descriptions and instructions for their installation.

Introductory Customer Support Agreement (iCSA)

The iCSA, for new product acquisitions only, adds value by providing essential services like installation and familiarization and on-site State of Health verifications along with many benefits of the On-Site CSA support functions

Free attendance at our Mirion Connect Users’ Conference

Attendance at our annual Mirion Connect Users’ Conference offers education, exchange of ideas, and exposure to new technology. Our broad array of seminars offers topics for every interest. Free attendance include one person for two days of training or two persons for one day of training, plus free attendance for the remainder of the conference. Additional attendees will receive a 10% discount. Learn more about Mirion Connect

Professional Services

The professional services from our Field Support and Technical Services teams are the foundation of our On-Site CSA. The additional weeks of Professional Services purchased in a CSA can be used for any of the following services at the applicable rate. Services provided utilizing this feature within the CSA are subject to cost savings up to 20% off the standard services list prices.

These professional services include:

InstallationCustom ScriptsQA Setup/ReviewSoftware Integration
Equipment CalibrationData ReviewLabSOCS™/ISOCS™ SetupSystem Relocation
Professional TrainingLaboratory SetupData MigrationSystem Familiarization
Application ConsultationFriendly AuditsSoftware UpgradesOpenEMS™ Support
Custom ReportsVerification and ValidationOutage SupportOn-Site System Integration
(1) Additional Training attendance available at a discounted price
(2) Voluntary detector reconfiguration is excluded
(3) Multi-year discounts are based on the support agreement term
Service team

Contact Us

To learn more about our CSA, contact your local account manager or call our services group at 1-800-255-6370

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