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SG 65/66

NaI Scintillators

The SG 65 and SG 66 scintillators have been developed for safety related monitoring of activity according to KTA 1502. In the scintillator crystal, ionizing radiation generates light pulses, which are converted and amplified into charge pulses by the photo multiplier.

The height of the pulse is proportional to the energy of the gamma radiation. An adjustable pulse amplifier offers calibration of the sensitivity and matching of the output pulses to the impedance of the detector cable.

Tag Features

• Reliable

• Robust construction

• Type tested

• High sensitivity

• Compact with 2” × 2” sodium iodide crystal

• Built-in pulse amplifi er and buff er

• Output signal: low-impedance voltage pulses

• Temperature range until 80°C (SG 66)

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