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Self-Powered Neutron Detectors

SPN Detectors

SPN-detectors are designed for the detection of thermal neutrons within the core of the reactor. These detectors generate a current proportional to the neutron flux density without applying an external voltage source.

Tag Features

• Detection of thermal neutrons within the reactor core

• WL-23293 with co-emitter: short response time

• Small dimensions, proven construction

• Large measuring range up to 1e15 nv

• Output signal: DC-current

• Very low gamma sensitivity


In general, the detector current of these detectors is caused by the emission of beta radiation (electrons) from the target material which gets activated by neutrons. Therefore, besides the name SPN-detector (Self-Powered Neutron detector), also the name n,ß-detector (neutron-beta-detector) is in use.

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