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Cim Grip 2

Built without organic material, the CIMGRIP cable connector is designed to withstand even the harshest conditions and ensure continued communication even during a severe accident.

Tag Features

  • Dielectric strength: 700 V RMS
  • Isolation resistance > 1 GOhm
  • Maximum temperature: 250°C
  • Leaktihtness < 10-9 Pa.m3 /s
  • Maximum pressure: 20 bars


The CIMGRIP cable and connector is a part of the Severe Accident product line for nuclear power reactor communication.

In the face of extreme heat and dangerous radiation, traditional cables struggle to maintain communication. This is a problem during a severe accident when communication is absolutely crucial. To solve this problem, Mirion designed special connectors, equipped with mineral insulated cables, to handle these challenging circumstances. These connectors are capable of transmitting electrical signals from a sensor within the containment to the control room, even in extreme conditions.

Male and female connector

  • Connector body: SS 316L
  • Ceramic insert
  • 4 nickel plated molybdenum and copper contacts: 1 millimeter diameter


  • Sheath: SS 304L
  • External protection: PEEK
  • External diameter: 4.6 millimeters
  • Length: to specify for the order
  • Minimum static radius bending: 50 millimeters
  • Minimum dynamic radius bending: 250 millimeters
  • Assembly tool: 39821


  • RRC-B – Severe accident / EPR Flamanville 3
  • Irradiation level: 1.8 MGy
  • EPR thermodynamic profile: 170°C / 6.5 bars
  • Thermal aging: 135°C / 950H
  • Seismic test: all components

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