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Automatic Low Background Alpha/Beta Counting System

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The Series 6LB counter uses the novel “system on slide” concept where the shield is fixed in place while the entire sample changer and detector smoothly slides out and away from it.

Tag Features

  • 2.25 in. Gas Flow Proportional Counter with 50 or 100 sample capacity
  • Complete frontal access with no need to lift lead bricks to access the detector – changer slides away from lead castle
  • Integrated touch screen interface
  • USB Communication protocol
  • Compatible with Apex-Alpha/Beta™ software V2.1 or higher
  • Coated and bolted lead shield
  • “Lock and Load” easily removable and pre-loadable sample stacks
  • Gasless Anti-Coincidence cosmic Guard Detector
  • Much lower gas consumption than legacy systems
  • Integrated self-diagnostics and environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
  • Available barcode reader and sample camera
  • CE and RoHS compliant


The Gas Flow Proportional Counter (GFPC) has been the preferred analysis instrument for alpha/beta measurements for decades. The GFPC’s unique combination of low background and high efficiency make it ideal for a variety of sample types including air filters, water samples, swipe/smears, soil samples, and many others.

Mirion’s latest Series 6LB counter traces its lineage back to the original Canberra™/Tennelec™ LB5100 (Series 1) counter developed in the 1970s and is a direct replacement for the Series 5 XLB™ counter. The heart of the Series 6LB counter is a sample changer that is functionally similar to the one introduced in the 1970s, but has been updated and improved many times over. In a nod to backward compatibility, the Series 6LB counter can still read the traditional binary coded decimal (BCD) sample carriers. With the addition of the optional barcode reader (S6-BR), the Series 6LB counter will also identify 2D barcodes, and newer 3D QR type codes. An additional benefit of the barcode reader is that the unit can be configured to automatically snap a picture of the sample to verify that it was inserted correctly.

Addendum was created to update the specifications in the manual to match those in the current Products spec sheet. SEE ADDENDUM »


Addendum was created to update the specifications in the manual to match those in the current Products spec sheet. See Addendum »

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