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Alpha/Beta Counting System

The iSolo system is a portable, firmware based, single-sample, manual, gas-less alpha/beta counter.

Tag Features

  • Portable, manual, single-sample alpha /beta counter
  • Automatically identifies and compensates for radon, thoron and progeny interference in air filters
  • Can be used for other types of samples without radon/thoron compensation
  • PIPS® silicon gas-less detector
  • Air filter analysis optimized
  • NiMH battery power for 10 hours or more
  • Universal, auto-sensing power supply
  • Cosmic guard detector model available
  • Shielded model available
  • Compatible with essentially all filter types and multiple sizes
  • Compatible with iLink™ iSeries™ Communications Software for remote setup and download of data to a computer
  • Effective solution for complying with EPRI Alpha Monitoring Guidelines for Operating Nuclear Power Stations
  • CE compliant


The iSolo® system is a portable, firmware based, single-sample, manual, gas-less alpha /beta counter. The iSolo counter is designed for the analysis of air filters and most other types of alpha /beta samples. When analyzing air filters, the iSolo counter discriminates both radon and thoron and their progeny from transuranic and fission product materials on the air filter samples. The iSolo system weighs as little than 6.5 kg in its lightest configuration. The iSolo counter uses a solid state silicon PIPS detector for alpha and beta detection. The iSolo system can be operated for 10 hours or more with internal batteries and is totally self contained.

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