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Multi-Detector Low Background Alpha/Beta Counting System

The LB4200 counter is the advanced alpha/beta counting system designed to simplify lab operations.

Tag Features

  • An advanced alpha/beta analysis instrument with up to 50% lower counting gas usage and 30% lower background than previous generations of counters
  • Delivers fewer gas changes (and associated re-calibrations) and reduced count times to meet required MDAs
  • Flexible configuration from one to four counting drawers
  • Multiple size detectors can be combined in a system
  • Four sample detectors per drawer when configured with 5.7 cm (2.25 in.) or 3.1 cm (1.25 in.) detectors
  • One sample detector per drawer when configured with 12.7 cm (5 in.) detectors
  • High performance multi-anode 5.7 cm (2.25 in.) or 12.7 cm (5 in.) or single anode 3.1 cm (1.25 in.) gas flow detectors available
  • Lowest warranted 5.7 cm detector background in the industry
  • Gas Conservation and Monitoring System for maximum gas cylinder life
  • Full front detector access without lifting lead shielding
  • Small footprint and modular design for easy upgrading
  • Individual window per detector with easy operator field replacement
  • Independent detector start/stop
  • Apex-Alpha/Beta™ Software Compatible
  • Automatic calibrations for Plateau, Efficiency, Self-Absorption, and Background
  • Simple USB 2.0 connectivity


The LB4200 counter is the advanced alpha/beta counting system designed to simplify lab operations. The LB4200 system is perfect for applications requiring high sample throughput with long counting times, or where a number of samples must be counted at the same time. The system can be configured from one to four counting drawers. The maximum detector capacity is sixteen 5.7 cm or 3.1 cm detectors, or four 12.7 cm detectors.

The LB4200 counter includes the Gas Stat Gas Conservation system. Gas Stat has been proven in the Mirion Series 5 Automatic Low-Background for years and is now available in a multi-detector manual system. Gas Stat dramatically reduces P-10 consumption by as much as 50% compared with past multi-detector alpha/beta systems. Plus, the LB4200 counter has an electronic gas monitoring system that automatically delivers optimal gas pressure to the detectors without manual flow valves.

Each detector has individual start and stop counting control for maximum flexibility. Front LED indicators provide system health, sample analysis and gas flow status at a glance.

The LB4200 system connects to a host computer using standard USB cables and is 100% compatible with the Mirion Apex-Alpha/Beta analysis and control software.

The LB4200 counter has the lowest published background specifications of any commercially available alpha/beta system using a 5.7 cm (2.25 in.) diameter gas flow proportional detector.

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