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Series 5 LB5500™

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Large Area Automatic Low Background Alpha/Beta Counting System

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The Series 5 LB5500 low background alpha/beta counter offers a completely integrated, computer controlled system for maximum flexibility in analyzing larger size samples.

Tag Features

  • Automatic single 5 inch detector, ultra-low background counting system
  • Enhanced low background capability
  • Gas Stat digital gas conservation and monitoring system
  • Fifty planchet sample changer
  • Low background passive shielding
  • Reduced system footprint and integrated cart
  • High performance 12.7 cm (5.0 in.) gas flow detector with ultra-thin window 80 mg/cm²
  • Advanced electronic diagnostics continuously monitor operating conditions
  • Universal auto-sensing power supply
  • Coded positive sample carrier identification
  • Optional external bar code reader
  • CE compliant


Large Area Counting System

The Series 5 LB5500 low background alpha  / beta counter offers a completely integrated, computer controlled system for maximum flexibility in analyzing larger size samples. The LB5500 system is designed for counting large samples, up to 12.7 cm (5 in.) in diameter. Built on the same foundation of quality and innovation as other Series 5 systems, the LB5500 counter offers low background performance for applications requiring a large area counting system. The capabilities of Apex-Alpha /Beta™ Software make the LB5500 unit a state-of-the-art counting system that easily integrates into today’s count room. Specially designed detector windows provide the LB5500 system with excellent counting efficiency exceeding current regulatory requirements.

Whether counting large area air filters or for methods requiring additional sample amounts, the LB5500 counter is the system of choice.

Enhanced Low Background and Productivity – Simply the Best

Due to increasing environmental regulations to reach lower detection limits, sample count times have increased reducing the overall sample throughput in the laboratory. The LB5500 counter incorporates enhanced technology to reduce system background and increase sample throughput. Using an improved guard detector, the system sensitivity for high energy, cosmic background is increased, enabling the anti-coincidence circuitry to detect and reject more spurious background events.

The beta background for the LB5500 counter has been reduced by as much as 25% over older systems. Beta backgrounds as low as 3.0 cpm can be achieved. This means that the system can count almost twice as many samples for a given detection limit as a counter with a beta background of 5.0 cpm.

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